What Does That Mean? A Guide to Some of Crafts Unique Ceramics Terms

Bisqueware: This is the term for what we call "Ready to Paint" Ceramics. The art piece has already been poured into "Greenware" and we then "Clean" and "Fire" the item. What this does is save you a lot of time and is far less messy then how many Ceramics have been done in the past. It is part of what has made us Unique in Ceramics over the last 18 years.

Cleaning: This is the term for the removal of the seams left behind on a piece of Greenware that is removed from a mold. The item often requires detail reworked into the surfaces where the seams were. We then balance the item and it is put in a kiln to fire.

Dry Brushing: This is the term to describe the style in which we teach painting ceramics. Dry Brushing items in acryllic water based stains saves time over the old way of glazing ceramics. The items also look far more detailed and realistic. Dry brushing also requires no additonal firing which saves you money and allows for your piece to often be completed in one or two class sessions.

Firing: This is the term for placing the item into a furnace that hardens a Greenware item in Bisqueware. This process is also used to melt glazes.

Glazing: This is primarily the old way ceramics used to be done. A glaze is applied to a piece, often in several coats, and is then fired to melt and cure the glaze.

Greenware: This is the term for the raw piece of molded clay that is removed from a mold several hours after it is poured.

Pouring: This is the term for the liquid clay solution called slip that is pumped into a plaster mold.

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