General FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Question: Why aren't prices listed on this website?
Answer: We currently only price the items in our store. Because this website is very new, we are working to get as much information up as fast as we can to showcase items we carry. Adding prices at this time would be an enormous undertaking and we simply do not have the time.

Question: Can we order items we see on this website?
Answer: Yes, Nearly every item shown can be ordered in Bisqueware and picked up at our store location. The exceptions are if a mold is no longer available or if a mold is worn out or broken.

Question: How do we place an order?
Answer: Simply write down any catalog number listed in our Photo Shows or our Catalog Pages and stop in, call (716)826-6028, or email us at MARYBARRETT@CRAFTSUNIQUECERAMICS.COM with your order. Please include your contact information so that we can let you know when your order is in for pick up.

Question: Are you able to ship orders across the US?
Answer: At this time we can only make orders available for pickup at our store location. We may offer this service in the future on select items. At this time however, many items are simply far to fragile to ship and it is a very time intensive process to wrap and box the items well enough to survive the US Postal Service.

Question: Why isn't there a search feature in your catalogs? I would like to be able to search for cats, dogs, dragons or by holiday, candle cups, or wired lightables.
Answer: Searchability is a very high priority and we will add the ability to search and sort as time allows once we get the bulk of our listings online.
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