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Mold Designers That We Make Bisqueware From:

--Are you a ceramic mold company that would like to add your link here?
--Have you aquired the rights to a mold company and need a link redirected?
Send us an email to let us know.

  • Many mold manufacturers have had their designs purchased by other manufacturers through the years. We try to keep links current to whomever we know, that has aquired the rights to the majority of the original lines.
  • Sometimes the lines are split to multiple new manufacturers and then resold again later which makes providing a link tricky. In such cases there may be multiple links to the same company name once we figure out who owns what.
  • If a mold company is out of buisness and/or we don't know who has aquired their blocks we make a "best effort" to list what we can find as an archive to display their work.
  • Some designs are no longer available anywhere or a manufacturer doesn't have their designs available for viewing over the web.
  • There are many other mold designers out there, so this list is incomplete. We primarily list the designers we feature or that have requested inclusion in this list.

We carry the following Supplies:

Paint Brushes From: Misc Items:
  • Lighting Kits
  • Christmas Tree Peg Lights
  • Wind-up Music Boxes
  • Spray and Brush on Sealers
Acryllic Stains From: Glazes/UnderGlazes From:
  • Duncan
  • Mayco
  • DecoArt
  • Duncan
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